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Dance and aerial arts are their own special kind of performance athletics. They both take strength, flexibility, emotional connection, and passion. There's nothing I love more than working with my dance and aerial students and seeing something click in them. It's that ecstatic feeling when they finally get a certain combination or can finally do an inversion on the silks after working so hard for weeks. Victories of any size can be yours!

Are you a dancer or aerialist who is looking to get stronger or more flexible? Do you want to improve your lines are be able to hold a handstand? I can help you with specific goals to enhance your performance on the ground or in the air. 

For aerialists, I am offering ground exercise that will help when you get back in the air. You may not be able to get in a studio to train right now but that's no reason not to keep training! Please let me know if you are someone fortunate enough to have access to a rigging point and want to discuss socially-distant private lessons. 

I am also available for choreography if you need someone to help put a piece together. I have extended experience choreographing styles from musical theatre to contemporary dance and more recently aerial silks and rope. 

Please contact me to discuss how I might help you!


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