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Reesa is a Southern California native who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. To say she was an active child is an understatement. Starting gymnastics at age 3 began a life of enthusiastic athletic competition. A youth full of gymnastics, swimming, track and field, and triathlon turned into an adulthood filled with triathlon, ultra running, dance, and aerial arts. She became an NSCA certified personal trainer while earning a BS in Exercise Science and a BA in Theatre Arts at California State University Long Beach before starting a career as a dance educator. A diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in 2014 hasn't slowed her down one bit. Each year she competes in multiple triathlons from Olympic to 70.3 distance as well as trail races ranging from 10k to 50ks. She loves being active and spends as much time outside as she can. It's the sweaty, out-of-breath feeling of pushing yourself that she loves. Feeling fit and strong help her get through the tough times of RA and anything else life throws her way. Spreading her passion of movement in the arts and in sport has become her mission.

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